Do you support the legal initiative to ban cyanide in mining?

valide votes: 12480
yes: 12295 (98.5%)
no: 185 (1.5%)

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NEW! Are you in support of the bill to ban cyanide in mining in Romania? If yes, then please send an electronic message to Romania's political leaders to act in support of the bill.

The “Coalition for a Cyanide Free Romania” is a civil society initiative that was formed to support a legislative proposal to ban cyanide in mining in Romania. Its concerns are based on social, economic and environmental grounds. It consists of several environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace CEE, the Independent Centre for the Development of Environmental Resources, the Partnership Foundation, Terra Millennium III, Otus, Focus Eco Center, Sun Valley, Green Transylvania etc. This coalition supports the legislative proposal submitted to Romania's parliament by Senators Peter Eckstein Kovacs (The Democratic Union of the Hungarians in Romania) and Gheorghe Funar (The Great Romania Party).

Cyanide mining is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. Among its long-term effects counts the pollution of water streams including ground water, the destruction of aquatic life and the poisoning of several mammal species. Chronic cyanide poisoning has a long-term impact on the reproduction and development of fish. A spoon-full of a 2% cyanide solution can be fatal to humans.
Accidents and cyanide spills at mining operations occur each year around the globe. Seven years after the tragic cyanide spill at Baia Mare in Romania there still exists no effective binding regulations to prevent a fruther Baia-Mare spill; this both on a European or global level. Romania, the host country of this accident in 2000, now has both the opportunity and the moral duty towards its citizens and its neighbouring countries to show the way forward and to put an end to the use of this hazardous technology.

The “Coalition for a Cyanide Free Romania” Coalition is financially supported by Edward Goldsmith, Founder of “The Ecologist” and a recipient of the 'Right Livelihood' Award (Stockholm, 1991), Ben Goldsmith and the Environmental Partnership Foundation.


EP: Cyanide mining technologies should be banned in the EU by 2011

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